Hypersensitivity to toniception

What is toniception hypersensitivity?

Hypersensitivity to toniception is when a person is overly aware of the force they're exerting, the muscles they're contracting. This can cause discomfort, pain and fatigue. Autistic people have hypersensitivities or hyposensitivities more often, but people without any particular developmental diagnosis can also have these conditions.

What is toniception hypersensitivity?

Toniception hypersensitivity means being excessively aware of muscle tension in the body. The person may feel pain or discomfort at levels of tension that are normal for most people. This can affect quality of life and may require treatment.

Symptoms and negative consequences of toniception hypersensitivity

The symptoms of hypersensitivity to muscle contraction vary from person to person. You don’t have to have the whole list of symptoms to be hypersensitive, and there are many symptoms that are not on this list.

Chronic pain

You may experience constant pain or muscle cramps.

Muscle fatigue

Muscles may become very tired and lose strength.

Hypervigilance to muscle tension

The person may pay a lot of attention to their muscular tension, and this can become very taxing for them.

Difficulty performing daily tasks

Walking, getting up, preparing meals, housework and other normal tasks can become very difficult to accomplish.

Physical and mental health

The person may develop anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and other physical or mental symptoms.

Tips and solutions

Hypersensitivity to the force used and its consequences can be reduced. Here are some possible solutions.

Regular exercise

Walking, yoga and pilates are exercises that can help.


Although many autistic people can’t tolerate massages, some may enjoy them, especially if they involve deep pressure and the person giving the massage understands and listens to the autistic person and their needs.

Relaxation and meditation

Many people benefit from relaxation activities such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing and relaxation. This can reduce muscle tension.


There are therapies that can help manage negative thoughts related to toniception.


A doctor can be consulted to obtain the appropriate medication to relieve muscle tension.

Valérie Jessica Laporte