Vestibular hypersensitivity

What is vestibular hypersensitivity?

Vestibular hypersensitivity is when information about movements, vibrations and displacements is received too intensely. The hypersensitive person may have difficulty with experiencing certain movements, like getting around in a vehicle or taking part in games that involve movement. Autistic people have hypersensitivities or hyposensitivities more often, but people without any particular developmental diagnosis can also have these conditions.

What is vestibular hypersensitivity?

Vestibular hypersensitivity is a high degree of sensitivity to movement, displacement and vibration, when there is an overly strong response to stimuli that affect the vestibular system. Certain movements, tasks or activities can be a real challenge.


Many movements can be difficult for people with vestibular hypersensitivity.


Many environments can be difficult for people with vestibular hypersensitivity to cope with.

Daily tasks

Many everyday tasks are more difficult for people with vestibular hypersensitivity.

Symptoms and consequences of vestibular hypersensitivity

The symptoms of vestibular hypersensitivity vary from person to person. You don’t have to have the whole list of symptoms to be hypersensitive, and there are many symptoms that are not on this list.

Solutions for vestibular hypersensitivity

If symptoms change over time or appear suddenly, consult a healthcare professional.

Valérie Jessica Laporte

Writer and content creator (in French) about autism